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Women's Services in Children's Hospitals: Don't Treat Me like a Kid

Kelli Frias, Deidre Popovich, Mikaela Trussel, and Kelley Anderson

Healthcare Services
Healthcare Services


Many children's hospitals across the United States offer many women's services (e.g., oncology, cardiology) inside hospital settings specifically designed for children.  While many women identify the importance of co-locating these childbirth services, they report a perceived lack of holistic care when not seeking obstetrics care.   This study examines how accepting healthcare services (unrelated to childbirth) in settings targeted to children may impact consumers' perceptions. Specifically, this study examines this branding conflict for care providers and patients to explore how the co-location of women's services may influence the perception of autonomy and quality of care.  The findings of this research examine the tensions between conflicting target markets from the perspectives of providers and patients.

Working Paper

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