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HealthCARE Lab investigates the elements that comprise even the most basic healthcare decisions, especially those at the intersection of affordability and quality. Our research objectives include understanding why consumers, or patients, may be reluctant to choose a lower-cost but equivalent-quality provider and what information can be presented to change the contour of consumer decision-making.


We noticed a concerning lack of patient understanding of and, therefore, involvement in health-related decision-making and have sought to uncover ways to remedy this. Ultimately, our goal is to help healthcare providers supply consumers with the information that they need to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs, empowering these patients to seek the best possible combination of affordability and quality.

HealthCARE Lab is currently supported by a grant awarded by the Affordability Cures initiative from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

Legal Research and Writing


We believe that, in order to best serve the needs of consumers, healthcare providers must acknowledge and combat the notion that certain attributes, such as religious affiliation or lower cost, often erroneously suggest poorer quality. Through our research, we seek to uncover these biases and develop solutions that will enable patients to make better healthcare decisions.


We believe that developing knowledgeable and confident consumers is necessary to improve the overall well-being of the market.


HealthCARE Lab employs various research methods to identify key factors that influence healthcare consumers perceptions and behaviors.  Such methods include:

Literature Reviews

Focus Groups




Statistical Analysis

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