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Sponsored Research

The HealthCARE Lab is largely sponsored by the funding of generous sponsors seeking rigorous research designs, impactful outcomes, and practical implications. The lab's Co-Directors are Kelli Frias, Ph.D., and Deidre Popovich, Ph.D.

As the HealthCARE Lab continues to grow, we will update the following list with past and current sources of funding.

Consumer Decision-Making in Healthcare

Kelli Frias, Deidre Popovich, Madhu Viswanathan, and Shuo Yu

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas ($1,239,141). This research aims to disentangle the rhetoric and shared meanings associated with price and quality concepts in healthcare and identify their impact on consumption patterns to construct effective messaging. We ask questions such as: What information can be presented to change the contour of the consumer decision-making? What plays the most significant role in decision making—information presentation, environmental factors, benefit design, or personal financial factors? How could data or information be presented that could influence consumer decision-making to a higher quality choice?

Branding Women's Services

Kelli Frias, Deidre Popovich, and Kelley Anderson

Funder Identity Withheld ($18,000): This research aimed to develop the brand strategy for a large hospital system with multiple hospitals branded as Children's Hospitals. Specifically, we examined the branding and naming of women's services centers co-located in children's healthcare services and facilities. The research involved vital stakeholders (e.g., nurses, physicians, patients) in developing a collaborative set of goals and objectives and reinforcing the results. Outcomes include a better understanding of brand tensions and conflicts in co-located retail service centers and their impact on consumers' perception of the quality of services provided by the hospitals and their service providers.

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